Comfort Quilts Annual Report 2015

CHILDCAN received 105 comfort quilts to help continue providing support for families of children undergoing treatment for cancer.

60 cuddle quilts were delivered to WOMEN & CHILDREN’S CARE/PAEDIATRICS, at Chatham Kent Health Alliance.

FIRE & EMERGENCY SERVICE received 12 cuddle quilts.

CHATHAM KENT POLICE SERVICES received 12 cuddle quilts.

Through HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, the 2015 family received 2 comfort quilts, one for the dialysis room in their home, and one for the living room for the children.

106 QUILTS were shared through COMFORT QUILTS, LOCAL and BEYOND.

All of the above make a total of 297 quilts shared to provide comfort for those in trauma. Included in the local distribution were quilts for 5 Syrian children. Something rarer this year, were the several requests for quilts for sick children.

In addition, Dianne Blonde Pinkerton had made 7 Memory quilts distributed to Eden Villa, Alzheimer Centre on Memory Lane, other Senior homes, and individuals.

COMFORT QUILTS are all the quilts that we share. The term Cuddle Quilts is used for the smaller ones for hospitals, police etc. The Guild has been making these since we began. We later reached out to Childcan, and local needs, and beyond.

The comfort sewers do a great job, and have fun at it, meeting two days a month. But other sewers, quilters and anyone who helps are all greatly appreciated. Some Long arm quilters were given token gifts in appreciation for all the extra quilting they do, to pay for a bit of their thread. Much appreciation goes to St. Paul’s Congregational Church for the space provided for our work, and storage of supplies. Again this year, a special workshop will bring in extra tops to work with. We are fortunate to receive outside help. The Grace Church Quilters, Dover Centre, hand quilted two for children. When Thank You notes are read, we know how much our quilts mean to the recipients. Financially, we are still working on the monies from Marianne’s Market, and proceeds from the Show Raffle Quilt. There have been Memorial gifts in memory of John Roy, Grace Merritt, and other generous donations. Thus we did not need funds from the Guild in 2015 budget.

THANK YOU to all members, and we look forward to continue working together in this important outreach.

Submitted sincerely by Jane Jenner, January 2016.

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