Comfort Quilts Annual Report 2016

CHILDCAN received 64 quilts, to help continue providing support for families of children undergoing treatment for cancer. 32 cuddle quilts were delivered to WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S

CARE/PAEDIATRICS, at Chatham Kent Health Alliance. Through HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, a quilt was given to the 2016 family. EDEN VILLA received 3 lap quilts. 103 comfort Quilts were dispersed through LOCAL AND BEYOND, our biggest GUILD OUTREACH. Most are local, but one went as far as England. Included were quilts for 2 burned out families. Needs vary in many ways!

FORT McMURRAY FIRE RELIEF received at least 59 quilts. All for a total of 262. I know that Dianne Blonde continues to make, and donate Memory quilts to Senior Homes and individuals. In 2016, members were challenged to make a quilt /top for their birthday, and there was a workshop, tops going toward Comfort Quilts. I feel sure there is much more comfort shared by
members using their talents to provide support to others than is included in this report. To all who have helped in this Outreach, in any way,

THANK YOU. Keep up the good work everyone! The annual Christmas draw helps us financially. We receive some memorial and personal donations, this year, and are nearly to the end of monies from 2014 Show. It has been a very good year.

Jane Jenner for Comfort Sewers

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