FREE Workshop for January 2018


The Neonatal Unit has a great need for Bereavement quilts and Special Occasion Quilts such as Easter and Christmas. Bereavement Quilts in soft pastels, especially pink and blue are needed.

The above request has come to the attention of the Comfort Quilt Outreach committee . Hoping to help the Hamilton Hospital, a free workshop has been planned. A kit will be supplied. It is hoped that members could work in pairs. Thus, everyone wouldn’t need to bring a machine. Contact a partner, or show up, and work with another member. The quilts are no larger than 24” by 24”. This is a pieced flannelette top, backed by flannelette, no batting, and sewn pillowslip style. Quite easy!

Set up will begin Jan 17, 2018 at 9 AM. Workshop will start at 10. Bring your lunch and enjoy the fellowship of other quilters. The kits will be cut, but some cutting will be required. Bring your regular sewing supplies.

This workshop is offered to Chatham-Kent Quilters’ Guild members; registration is not required.

~ Comfort Quilt Committee


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