FREE Workshop – March 2018

Who has a UFO (unfinished object) in their sewing room?

Well, you are invited to bring as many of your UFO’s as you want to the next workshop in March, I’m sure everyone has at least one.

Also, bring your favourite tea-cup or coffee mug and we’ll bring some goodies to eat. While we enjoy our tea or coffee and treats, we can share why we haven’t finished these projects. Maybe, you were stumped with a technique, maybe you ran out of fabric or maybe, you just decided you didn’t like it anymore. Whatever the reason, perhaps the group can help or inspire you to finish the project.

If you decide you want to finish it (or them), you can fill out a form and put in $5.00 for each project you intend to finish. Bring the finished project to the November meeting. The names of everyone who brings in a project will be entered to win the money and one name will be drawn that night.

We will start at 10:00 AM on March 21 / 2018, there is no fee.

In order to know numbers, please contact Liz Dicrescenz with your confirmation. Contact information can be found in our newsletter.

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