2018 Plowing Match Update

Did you know that the IPM now has a Headquarters Store? It is located at 934 Richmond St. in Chatham as is mostly open on Friday and Saturday. The place to pick up your 2018 IPM Souvenirs, volunteer for events and get general information.

Raffle tickets are now available for the 2018 IPM Block Challenge Quilt at $2.00 each from any member of our IPM Quilt Show Committee. Proceeds go to our Comfort Quilt Program. Lorraine Fallowfield is machine quilting the quilt for us. Second prize is a Tobe-Cobe wall hanging and Third Prize is a themed table runner made by Rachel DeBruyne.

Do you remember the Tobe-Cobe song from the ‘79 Plowing Match on the Maynard farm? Well, we hear that Mr. Ross who created the first song has revamped it for the 2018 match. Listen for it to be played on the radio in days to come.

Have you started or completed a quilt you want to put into the IPM Quilt Show in August? The rules and categories are available online or at the desk at Quilt Guild meetings or through any member of the IPM Quilt Show Committee. We also have entry forms for the show at the next meeting for those of you who don’t wish to download them from the website. All entry forms for the August Quilt Show need to be in by June 30. Quilts do not come in until August 14.

The Beautification Committee of the IPM, headed by Linda Henderson, will be selling large blue and green bows (Chatham-Kent and IPM colours) for use in your outdoor gardens. The whole Municipality is encouraged to plant Marigolds as the theme chosen is “MARIGOLDS AND MACHINES”. So lets see those yellow marigolds everywhere! They are inexpensive, colourful and good for your garden. If you can incorporate a machine of some sort…even a shovel…so much the better. Every Chatham-Kent Community is encouraged to participate. Did you know that there are actually 22 communities in Chatham-Kent? Linda’s group will be doing the decorating at our August Quilt Show.

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