Comfort Quilts Update – April 2018

Rena Michaud was the lucky winner of the Raffle Quilt. Congratulations Rena! Proceeds were $281.00. That will sure help with the next purchase of batting. Rena says she never wins, but she can’t enter that thought in the “Never have I ever” challenge, which is coming along quickly in October. Have you started yours? Making your first comfort quilt would qualify. Thanks to all who purchased a ticket!

Hurrah, 17 Comfort Quilts turned in last meeting. A thank you goes to each and everyone who helped with this accomplishment. It was especially gratifying, because the committee had never seen most of them before, meaning they were completely finished, before being turned in. The committee does appreciate tops, and those that finish quilts up, but completely finished makes us really happy. More were received the following week; and we received help through Rena, and Lisa.

Probably shouldn’t mention names, because will miss someone, someone like Mary who has had a connection with Childcan, and continues to stop at our table, sharing beautiful comfort quilts for Childcan. More thanks to Tammy, our label printer. Thanks to Jo-Ann for 22 Preemie blankets. I think Elise planned this as a one time project. But if there are any more out there, please bring in as soon as possible, and we will find a way to get them to Hamilton, or a place they will be used. And as always for our several quilters, there are special thanks to you all.

In contrast, March was a very quiet month for sharing our quilts. Please remember when you hear of a friend, neighbour, or family member dealing with trauma, many of them are cancer, but not all, check in with us.

Please note, if you are making a flannelette top, it is best not to back it with flannelette. It is too heavy, and often difficult for our quilters, and their machines.

We will have quilts needing the bindings finished, and as always, Cuddle Quilt kits for the Hospital. That would qualify for the challenge, too. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have 75 % of members enter this challenge! Just delivered 10 Cuddles to CKHA, and now have none on hand.

See you at the Comfort table!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
Elise, Rachel, Lynda, Jane …..your Comfort Quilt Committee

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