Comfort Quilts Update – June 2018

We, the Chatham Kent Quilters Guild, to date this year, has shared 45 Quilts, locally and beyond. Our on hand supply should do us through the Summer. But remembering the need is ever there, it is always nice to be ready to go! The group does not meet the entire Summer, but arrangements can be made to get quilts to the storage area.

We have 10 cuddles ready for the Chatham Kent Health Alliance’s next call ( these are Comfort Quilts too). And there are a great many kits packaged up, ready for the taking. If you are new to the Guild, and wonder what this is, stop around at our table. These are simple quilts, with good instructions, and everything you need. A good summer project for anyone … stewing about what colours to use? …how big to make make it? …what pattern will I use? One phone call from the Hospital, and we are back to zero.

It will be soon time to deliver the Comfort Quilts for Childcan. The people in the Office in London are so ecstatic when they see these many bags of quilts come through the door. If any member doesn’t know about quilts for Childcan, stop around at our table. Our sewers are taking turns manning this table, and your questions will be answered. If we can’t, we will find the answer.
Recently something very nice was sent to us on Facebook. I recognize her, not a member, but someone who delivered a Comfort Quilt for us …she wrote “Thank you for all the work you do for those suffering. I am trying to do what I can at home, and hope to donate down the road. I encourage you all to “Keep Going”. You are doing a marvelous work here.

The noblest art is that of making others happy.

Elise, Rachel, Lynda, Jane …..your Comfort Quilt Committee

Comfort Quilts

Comfort Quilts Sewing Days: June 11 & 25; July 9

Drop in any time after 9:00. We finish at 3:00

Come for an hour or bring your lunch and stay for the day. YOU ARE WELCOME!

St. Paul’s Congregational Church

Comfort Quilts


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