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Comfort Quilts Update – July 2018

Thanks go out to all those who took Cuddle Quilt Kits home at the June Meeting!

With the 8 turned in at that meeting, we will be in good shape. We always have kits on hand, and they are so easy/peasy, a good project to relax with. Need an idea for the “Never Have Ever” Challenge? You can do your first ever Comfort Quilt! The challenge is coming up on us quickly!

Comfort Quilts Parade

Saturday Sew with Doreen Hewitson is a good way to spend a Saturday, with friends, no phone, quiet music, just you and your machine. A good day to catch up, start a new quilt, sew for self or an Outreach. There always seems to be lots of those. Saturday Sew started as an idea for workshops on Saturday. That hasn’t caught on, but it is open to other uses.

Remember, over the summer, to call Jane or Elise if there are requests for comfort quilts for friends, neighbours, relatives. That’s why we make them, to share our caring. Perhaps we will soon hear just how many quilts were finished up for the Humboldt Quilt Outreach. Numbers floating around are in the 2000 mark…WOW!

Enjoy the summer months. Throw kindness around like confetti!
Sewing day, July 9, the last until September 10.

Your committee Elise, Rachel, Lynda, Jane.

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