2018 Plowing Match

2018 Plowing Match – July Update

There are many events happening this month throughout Chatham-Kent where you will see the IPM volunteers busy taking part or helping out. We were in Blenheim June 28 to help out their BIA and except a $25,000. contribution from Thompsons. I understand that we will be doing the same thing in Tilbury around July 26, although the Quilters will not be present this time due to previous engagements. You can follow along with Tobe Cobe Jr. On the IPM 2018 Facebook page.

Deadline for entries to the August 17 & 18 IPM Quilt Show was June 30. I am pleased to tell you that we have 110 entries to be judged in 12 of the 14 original categories. There were no entries for Wearable Art nor for the Youth Over 13 years. Thank you to the members of the Guild who have supported this non-guild show by either volunteering to help or submitting quilts or both! Entries have come in from Seaforth, St. Marys. London, Lucan, Appin, Ilderton, Walton, Leamington, Wheatley, Tilbury, Merlin, Thamesville, Kingsville, Sombra, Wallaceburg, Tupperville, Blenheim, Grande Pointe and Chatham. I especially want to thank Jane Jenner, Brenda Stokes and Linda Bowers for chasing down 4 of the historic quilts from the 1979 IPM. Also Annette & Al Angood who, while cleaning out their basement, discovered a nearly pristine two section special edition of the Windsor Star dedicated to that 1979 IPM. We hope to have an Historic display (possibly on the stage in the gym).

IPM expo 2018
Report submitted by Joyce Martin-Bruce


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