Comfort Quilts for Chatham-Kent

Comfort Quilts Update – August 2018

Hello, fellow members, hope all are having a good summer. There are a lot of definitions for “a good summer”, but hope all is going well for everyone.

To quilt is human, to finish, divine.

I remember reading this, and saving it for a newsletter. Last week, I happened to see the following quote, flash across the screen. Searched to find more about this saying, how it was being used etc., but found nil.

A quilt is not truly finished until it is shared.

I think this is mighty fitting for all quilters, and truly fits our Comfort Quilts. Quilters share with family, and friends and more. The following letter illustrates this well for two Comfort Quilts shared recently:

I would like to take this time to thank you for the beautiful quilt and well wishes for my brother
and I. It is such a touching gesture to receive such an incredible piece of art from the heart.
Could you please thank for me all the people of the Chatham-Kent Quilters Guild who put their
efforts into these quilt so that I can have a warm stay in hospital. It is very comforting to know
that there are organizations like yours that really care and make a real difference to people going
through difficult times. Thanks again.

A quilt was picked up today for Community and Beyond, 61 for 2018. Please keep committee aware of any needs. If you happen to pick one up at the church on sewing days, to share, please
make sure it has a label and gets counted. If you give one out on your own, and want it counted, let us know, we love that too.

Kathie Claeys won the Strawberry Social Quilt Raffle. Congratulations, Kathie! Proceeds to Comfort Quilts, $174.00 …… Grateful thanks to all the faithful ticket buyers. Kindness is still free, and still priceless!

Next Comfort sewing days are September 10 & 24.

Elise, Rachel, Lynda, Jane …..your Comfort Quilt Committee

 Comfort Quilts for Chatham-Kent  Comfort Quilts for Chatham-Kent  Comfort Quilts for Chatham-Kent  Comfort Quilts for Chatham-Kent

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