Comfort Quilts at IPM Quilt Show

Comfort Quilts Update – September 2018

We received many compliments on the Comfort Quilt Display, at the IPM Quilt Show, at St. Paul’s Congregational Church. It seemed to demonstrate the main outreach of the Guild. The 3 sections of our Outreach….the Cuddle quilts, made from our kits, for CKHA Women and Children Care; the Childcan Quilts for children with cancer; the quilts for Local and Beyond. Any quilt we share is a Comfort Quilt. Looking through all the quilts, for the display, and getting the Childcan Quilts ready to ship to London, one couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful work. All so different!

Comfort Quilts Display at IPM Quilt Show  Comfort Quilts Display at IPM Quilt Show

A member’s friend got a new embroidery machine, did some practising, and we got the results. Another’s friend gave us a bag of 8 totally finished quilts. The full sized penguin, the dancing pig, and those adorable three cats, pink, blue and white, all caught a lot of attention. The cats’ pattern was a big request. Maybe the maker will share it. A non member who sews with us is always surprising us with an interesting quilt. The Guild truly appreciates this extra help.

Comfort Quilts Display at IPM Quilt Show
Sharing this from Renee, Childcan:

Your bunch is so amazing…thank you for thinking of us. Yes, we could use some more quilts. We are completely out of quilts for older boys…and runnin low on quilts for our teen girls. Anything you share will be greatly appreciated.

So there it is, in a nutshell.—.the need! Perhaps we can focus on these older childrens’ needs. These should be at least 50 by 60, and for some boys, some could be 60 by 70 It has been drawn to our attention, that quilts made with flannelette, then backed with it also, are too heavy for some persons, and too hard to quilt. So, no more double flannelette please. It would be nice if we could back all quilts with this cuddly fabric, but we do the best we can.

Stop by our table with your questions and comments. Share any new ideas you might have for us. There will be Cuddle kits, and perhaps quilts to bind. Who knows, we don’t, until meeting night. See you there! And remember if you are aware of a need, let us know. That`s how this outreach works.

We need more kindness in the world. It starts with one act at a time.

Sewing Days: September 10 & 24

Drop in any time after 9:00. We finish at 3:00 Come for an hour or bring your lunch and stay for the day.

No sewing on Oct 8 (Thanksgiving Day)

Your committee Lynda Elise Rachel Jane


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