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Comfort Quilts Update – October 2018

The International plowing Match 2018 is over and 2 important events have happened. The IPM longest piece of binding has set the IPM record of 1411 meters, actually first time ever for this event – 44921.26 inches, a lot of us think of binding in inches. How many times have we been 6” short of a piece of binding! This will bind a lot of Comfort Quilts. The plowing Match quilt generated proceeds of $2511.25. This will purchase batting, labels, and fabric for Comforts. When selling tickets, on this quilt, mentioning that most of our quilts go to children, was a good selling point.

longest piece of binding record longest piece of binding record longest piece of binding record longest piece of binding record

Recently, 90 quilts were gratefully received by Childcan, in London. Last month, 10 Cuddles were delivered to Chatham Kent Health Alliance, for Women and Child Care. 70 Comforts have been distributed locally, this year, including 3 for Habitat for Humanity, the 5th build for them. Ruth Anne Crawford made the presentation, and received compliments for us. On hand, we have a supply for local needs, 12 hospital cuddles, and 11 for Childcan. It is great to be a little ahead of the game, but they can go out so quickly. As mentioned last month, there is always a need for teenagers, especially boys. Of course, always need some for the men, too. Once again, thanks to all the generous quilters.

We should be proud of CKQG!

At the Buckhorn Area Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show, we saw the handout that they give out with their quilts….COMFORT QUILTS

We make quilts for people in need, and who we may never meet. We do this in the hope that we bring smiles to people who could use a smile. To let them know that someone is thinking of them. Should you know of anyone who would benefit from one of our quilts, please inform a member, or contact us on Facebook.”. ……It sounds like our goals are the same. Quilters are kind people.

Comfort Quilts Chatham Kent Quilters' Guild

Your Comfort Quilt committee: Elise Roy, Lynda Baetsen, Rachel DeBruyne, Jane Jenner.

PS : last month, mention was made of flannelette quilts backed with same, were not preferred mainly because of difficulty of quilting them. If they are quilted, they will be welcomed, as Childcan does like some really warm quilts. This month, a member mentioned, that using batiks for binding makes it a very, very difficult job, suggesting never using batiks for binding.

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