Comfort Quilts Update – February 2019

January Cuddle Quilt workshop, attended by a faithful group, and other helpers, was another success. Not only the quilting that was completed, but the sharing of sewing hints, the laughter, meeting new friends, and breaking bread together. We welcome everyone’s help, while we all have fun.

Sewing Days: March 11 & 25 Drop in any time after 9:00. We finish at 3:00 Come for an hour or bring your lunch and stay for the day YOU ARE WELCOME

Amazingly, the January Comfort Quilt parade completely circled our big meeting room. This surprised many of us!

Being blessed with 12 quilts from 2 members and their friend; another member’s friend gave us two; a member gave us 2 bags, containing quilts, saying “they were just hanging around the house.” And always a couple of members who regularly bring in quilts for ChildCan.

No wonder it was such a great showing. I don’t mention names, as I will inevitably forget someone. If I have, please forgive, or ten lashes with a quilt block. We do so appreciate all help towards Comfort Quilts. Some quilts have already found their comfort zone.

During January, 22 quilts have been shared locally and 45 were delivered to Childcan, thanks to Mary Hall Brooks, and her daughter. If speaking kindly to plants makes them grow; just imagine what speaking kindly to humans can accomplish.

Your Comfort Quilt committee:  Elise Roy, Rachel DeBruyne, Lynda Baetsen, Jane Jenner.

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