Comfort Quilts Annual Report 2018

Once again, another great year for COMFORT QUILTS…… 257 in total!

We have shared:

Quilts locally have included Habitat for Humanity family, two families in need, and a Syrian family. McMaster Neonatal Nurseries received many 24″ square flannelette blankets, as well as many Inspirational Hearts (fabric hearts, flannelette also, worn by NICU moms and dads, then placed with their infant) well over 75 of each of these (sewn at workshops, and at home). Might say, too many to count!

A display of our quilts was shown at the International Plowing Match Quilt Show, to create awareness. Two Cuddle workshops were held, to establish a good supply on hand.

Funds come from Walmart Community Grant Program; the IPM Quilt Raffle, and 2 In-Guild quilt Raffles; as well as donations, sometimes in appreciation of receiving a quilt for a loved one. We only used about $125 of the budgeted Guild amount of $1000. A Christmas quilt was raffled free to members in appreciation for buying tickets through the year. We received the results of the Biggest length of Quilt Binding, all 44921.26 inches (1141 Meters) IPM challenge. Donation of fabrics, sometimes finished blocks and tops, continues to help us maintain a goodly stash.

Materials for the Kids Quilting Workshop, for backpacks, came from our stash, as well as for the upcoming Beginning Work shop in 2019. Fat quarters are supplied for prizes during the year thru the Guild. And many animal pillows have been stuffed with scraps from our 19 Mondays of sewing at St. Paul’s. A good friend does this chore, and would say…I do not need your scraps.

Appreciation is extended to all who sew, who request and deliver the quilts, and any other way you help. We are always so appreciative of the privilege of using the room (and the stash closet at St. Paul’s Congregational Church.

Submitted by Jane Jenner February 8 2019


  1. LOVE the information in your newsletters.
    You mentioned animal pillows – could you tell me more about this, please?

    1. Thank you Nancy. A few of our Guild members are making pillows using scraps from comfort quilts and donate them to our local animal shelter.

  2. That is wonderful. My friend, in Tilbury, tried to donate to OSPCA, but they would not take them, as they could not launder the pillows. Do you think their policy now allows them to take them?

  3. Hello. We have a few CCRP quilts that were made by your Guild in 2009, and we would like to present some of them. We do not have a contact for your Guild (whose info we would like to include with the quilt). Please get in touch. Thanks

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