Comfort Quilts March 2019

Comfort Quilts Update – March 2019

Comfort Quilts, Local and Beyond are flying out the door. 36 have been shared already in 2019. Cuddle Quilts have been delivered to the Chatham Kent Health Alliance. And, we have a nice supply of quilts piling up for Childcan. This covers the three sections of Comfort Quilts.

For those, getting used to the Guild, our various practices, traditions, and ways of doing things, the best way to explain Comfort Quilts is to think of an umbrella. An umbrella provides comfort, as do our quilts. Our umbrella has 3 spokes. Local & Beyond for friends, family, neighbours, persons needing comfort; Cuddle Quilts for sick children at the Chatham Kent Health Alliance; Childcan, quilts for children with cancer, working with a program at a London hospital. Every quilt we give away is a Comfort Quilt. The quilts that go to our hospital are called Cuddles, though, just because of tradition. Cuddles have been part of the Guild’s outreach since the beginning of the Guild in 1998. Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

Your Comfort Quilt committee: Elise Roy, Rachel DeBruyne, Lynda Baetsen, Jane Jenner.


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