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Comfort Quilts Update – May 2019

At time of writing, we have very wet, sometimes quite cool, weather. It is Spring time though, and we don’t want the July hot stuff this early, so guess we must be patient. Hopefully none of us are affected by the many floods. Most of us are very blessed in this area.

Comfort quilts has been blessed again. We received a big roll of batting, donated by a member’s husband, and a generous donation from someone who found just what they needed in our stash, for a project. We are so fortunate.

8 more quilts have been shared this month, locally, (that big pile of quilts for the local outreach is shrinking), and 12 Cuddles delivered to the Chatham Kent Health Alliance for sick children. But the pile for Childcan is growing. Thanks everyone for your participation.

We had a display of quilts made with strips at the May meeting. There are many blocks that use strips, but this is the whole quilt, and often made with longer strips …. a quick way to create a comfort quilt. A jelly roll can be used, or you can use your own strips from your stash. Or, get together with another quilter, and combine your strips.

Remember even though the outside world may be raining, if you keep on smiling, the sun will soon show it’s face, and smile back at you.

Anna Lee

Your committee: Elise Roy, Rachel DeBruyne, Lynda Baetsen, Jane Jenner.


  1. I am still really loving my comfort quilt from your members! Thank you so much for your caring and love in this endeavour! I am now in Remission, which is wonderful! Thank you for your hard work and lovely creations! I have been knitting and donating as a Pay-it-forward plan!

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