Comfort Quilts by Chatham Kent Quilters' Guild

Comfort Quilts Update – June 2019

We continue to receive many blessings. One of the guests at the Laura Coia show, donated 5 tops to our outreach. A member’s friend has offered her help in quilting some of the smaller quilts.

Joyce and Jane made a presentation to a Sorority function, in Chatham. Joyce spoke on the history of quilting, and showed some of her quilts to illustrate changes over the years.

Quilts from each of the three sections of the Outreach, Cuddles for the hospital; Childcan for children with Cancer; and Quilts for local and Beyond, were displayed. Attendees were impressed with the uniqueness of each quilt, presenting the Guild with a donation.

Already, this year, 83 Comfort Quilts have been given out locally. By the “thank you’s” that we are receiving for the comfort we share, we think our quilts might be blessings too. Kindness is still free, and still priceless.

Your committee: Elise Roy, Rachel DeBruyne, Lynda Baetsen, Jane Jenner.

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