2021 Quilt Show Update

We are excited to announce a Quilt Show Chair Challenge for our upcoming 2021 show: Panel Mania.

We learned that the Canadian Quilters Association, which our guild is a member, has never permitted panels within the entries for the national competition. This year they announced their intention to consider allowing panels in the future.

We have seen in our show and shares that Chatham Kent quilters are already incorporating panels into their creative ventures, and we anticipate that this challenge would interest many of our members. The Quilt Show is now less than a year away, so many of you are starting to consider your projects. We hope a Panel Mania sparks some interest for you!

The Panel Mania Challenge CKQG show 2021 requirements are simply that the quilt:

  • Includes a panel(s)
  • Panel can be whole or cut up
  • Additional fabrics can be used with the panel
  • Quilt can be any size
  • Entries will require regular quilt show registration and submission timelines, (challenge will be on the entry form)
  • Judging will take place at the show


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