Comfort Quilts Update – January 2020

The Guild Christmas party was a great success. beautiful buffet tables of food, friends, lots of laughter, gifts, and good fellowship around the tables. Who can ask for more. A festive ending to a good year.

Winner of the interesting sewing machine cake was Pat Bossolini. This creative work was by Nancy Van Dusen and her family. The hand embroidered, and hand quilted large bed quilt was won by Michele Jones. — The large quilts that are used for our draws have been inherited in some way by the Comfort Quilts. They may come as a top, as this one was, or in various stages, or even completely finished. Joyce Martin Bruce quilted this one. Thanks go to Nancy & family and Joyce, and everyone who bought tickets. A good way to raise funds for our outreach. Cake brought in $62, and the quilt $ 344.

Very large quilts don’t often work for Comfort quilts. Another one was shared with the new homeowner in this year’s Habitat for Humanity outreach (quilted by Deb Johnson ). Four quilts were given to the youth who will be residing in this new home. Those attending the key turning ceremony were impressed by this year’s family. Lots happiness and appreciation shown, and smiles, especially when the youngest child asked if the “key“ really worked. It was about 12 inches long, and quite decorated!

The number of quilts shared this year locally, and beyond, has exceeded any other year’s total. Annual report to come next month. We should be proud, and now have a new goal to reach!

In January, the plan and hope for the Comfort Sewers is to use up the many squares, cut and waiting in boxes for a quilter. You can pick a partner, then share the cutting, pressing and sewing / or go at it alone. Your choice!

We can all use (or do) a little kindness, and help make a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE.

Elise Roy, Rachel DeBruyne, Lynda Baetsen, Jane Jenner

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