Quilt Show 2020 Appraisals and Bed Turning

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Do you have a quilt that someone gave you and said it was made by a relative umpteen years ago? And you wondered if it really was as old as they said and whether it was valuable?  Or perhaps, you spent the last 5 years making the best quilt you will ever make and you wondered how much it might be worth. While wonder no more.  Bring your quilts to Chatham Kent Quilters’ Guild quilt show “Stitches in Bloom” May 8 and 9, and Judy Lyons, an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers, will give you a verbal appraisal for just $25 or a written appraisal for $60. Twice a day during the quilt show, at 11:00 and 2:30, Judy will also conduct a bed turning session where she will talk about the history of quilt making.  Judy will bring some of her own quilts for this event but we are asking members to bring in samples of quilts they have at home to supplement Judy’s quilts. To make an appointment for an appraisal or to submit a quilt (or quilts) for the bed turning, please contact Liz DiCrescenzo at 351-8175 or liz@dicrescenzo.com.

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