In a year we will not forget…COMFORT QUILTS 317 in total

   We have shared   …116 quilts to Childcan,  children with Cancer

              ...  45 cuddles to Chatham Kent Health Alliance

….156 quilts locally and beyond

As well as many local persons receiving quilts , for comfort, and the knowledge that others care, many others received quilts .Included are the Women’s Centre, two families in distress, a long term care home(a dignity quilt), and families with house fires. One quilt went as far as Alberta. 

 To further explain our Outreach to newer members, Childcan quilts are distributed to children, with Cancer, receiving treatment at London and Windsor. The CuddleQuilts, 

 made from our kits, go to Women’s and Children Care at the Chatham Kent Health  Alliance. Cuddles have been made since Guild formed, thus a different name.  BUT all quilts given out by the Guild are Comfort Quilts.

Donations…. Personal, Memorial, Organizations, Churches, Masks Makings etc, gifts in appreciation of a quilt, have all  assisted the Guild Budget to support us this year, as well as on into 2021. With no meetings, there can be no in-house raffles or fund raisers.

A big THANK YOU goes to all, members and non members, who helped reach this goal, just 6 quilts less than last year. Ironically there were 6 more for Child can packed ready for the pickup, when it was decided the car was too full. A Stash Buster Challenge was issued to encourage Comfort Quilt sewing. This year, we realized how important were our two Mondays, a month, of sewing at St. Paul’s Congregational Church. We missed the fellowship in those rooms. We have appreciated everyone’s work. Whether it was  big things or little bits of help, we accomplished a lot. And we have a head start with a goodly number of quilts ready for 2021. It is an honor to be able to share this “Comfort”, and cause a few smiles for those who need it. THANKS TO ALL.

Speaking for the rest of the Committee, we look forward to working together again, as best as we can, through another difficult time. I feel sure there will be more deck and porch pick ups, driveway visits and exchanges, fabric swaps etc etc. Though unable to use the room  at St. Paul’s Congregational, we appreciative that it is waiting there for us.

By keeping records since 2012, we have shared 2304 quilts in 9 years.  

Submitted by Jane Jenner, January 2021


  1. And I have a few more tops ready for you, so appreciate all you do for others. Plus a lot of scraps for others to work on, will get them to you in spring when my radiation is finished.

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