2021 Comfort Quilt Annual Report

Submitted by Jane

Another challenging year, but we did it! Three years in a row, Chatham Kent Quilters’ Guild has shared over 300 comfort quilts. Despite everything, the largest number yet…329…! We missed the Monday sewing/fellowship days, parading the quilts at Show and Share at general meetings, holding quilt draws, leading comfort workshops, all the good things. Something new happened. Parades of Comfort let us share the beauty and cuteness of the finished quilts, via Zoom.

  • 197 were shared locally, some travelling well out of our area. Several families in distress were helped, quilts went to Kenora evacuees, and to Chatham Women’s Centre.
  • 114 were given to Childcan to provide comfort for children with cancer, some comforting others in the same family.
  • 18 were shared with the Chatham Kent Health Alliance, Women’s and Children areas. Far less than usual, due to Covid.

Records have been kept for 10 years. Total for these years is 2633. Before that, for many years Cuddle Quilts were supplied to many Emergency Services in Chatham-Kent. A quote from a letter written to the Guild in 2014… “for the past 10 years, Chatham Kent Quilters’ Guild has been providing Childcan ‘new’ families with their lovely and thoughtful quilts. These, historically, symbolize the beginning of their cancer journey…” CKQG has done a lot of Outreach.

A grateful THANK YOU to everyone who has helped, especially these last two years. It may have been donating fabric, binding, cutting, sewing the tops, and especially the finished quilts turned in… we all know the many steps to a quilt…All has been greatly appreciated. Those who picked up and delivered quilts to the recipients have been angels. Without this last step all would have all have been in vain. A special thanks to those whose dedication never wavered. You know who you are.

Funding for the above, this year, did not include any Guild Budget. Financial support came through Guild Auction, remaining funds from last Quilt Show, memorial gifts, donations from recipients or their families, organizations, personal gifts and a faithful church.

Special thanks is extended to St. Paul’s Congregational Church for the use of the sewing rooms, and the storage closet, for our stash.

As ever, looking forward to another year of the Guild reaching out, far and near.


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