November Meeting: Christmas Celebration

Submitted by Darlene Lozon-Rivard

Well ladies and gentleman – was our November meeting not the greatest? Those pre-made charcuterie boxes were fabulous! A great thank you to Heather Maslen, the Program Planning Team, and some ‘delivery elves’ for this herculean effort to plan and coordinate.

How about those nice ;Goodie Bags” that Linda Trinacty gave us a trek around; patterns, shortbread recipe and the entertaining games as an unexpected little gift.

Thanks goes out to Dianne Blonde Pinkerton who introduced our local quilt shop vendors who have unique and special items that we can get through them – that we cannot get at big box stores. We were given a virtual display of some of the things available from Shelley Strain’s Dredsden quilt shop. Marlene Wymenga from Pastime PIaces described in detail the things that she sells, and what she would be able to order for you. It was a very pleasant presentation. Last but not least, was a presentation by Lisa Hill from Soft Impressions. When we met at the church, she usually had a great display of things to purchase on her tables – and if she does not have it, she usually orders it for you. All in all, we had a great selection of local vendors, who not only have a variety of products but who support our Guild and our Newsletter by advertising with us. Please continue supporting them.

It was so interesting to see how many of our members went to the Canadian Icons Workshop. The show -and-tell where we actually got to see the Lone Pine, the Polar Bear – was my personal favourite – and the Inukshuk. These ladies worked so hard and did a great job in a short time.

It is great to see the new and up-coming workshops that will be coming our way in 2022. I am interested in seeing what will be in the one that they advertised as “this is not your grandmother’s flower garden”

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas ZOOM meeting as much as I did. Thanks to those whose efforts made it such a wonderful evening!

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