November Workshop

Written by BJ Edgell

How many times can you say WOW!

That’s my thinking about the 3 class workshop by Jennifer Houlden. Before the class, we received detailed instructions with lots of photos and diagrams. We didn’t have to do anything but ponder and visualize our icon. First class, everyone was introduced. The time was spent answering questions, reviewing directions and explaining fabric choices. We then had a month to complete the background and select our fabrics for the appliqued pieces. Second class, everyone did a show and share of their progress. Jennifer was so relaxed and encouraged everyone to work at their own pace. We prepared the icon pieces. The valuable lessons with slides, demos and documents can be used in many future projects. Third class, show and share of all icons showed some interesting interpretations in various stages of completion. We had time to work on our project and choose how to finish it.

Jennifer Houlden is an amazing teacher and I thank the workshop committee for the opportunity to learn some new techniques.

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