Comfort Quilts

For most of Chatham Kent Quilters Guild history (EST.1998), we have made Cuddle Quilts to give to children who have been involved in “trauma” of some kind. Looking to expand our program, a new need that we heard about was Childcan, so we got to work. Childcan is an organization that supplies support to families of children with cancer. We realized there are people in our community and beyond, who could use a comfort quilt, and who would know that others cared, and thus, the quilt outreach spread again. Eventually all our quilts of this nature, that is “Made to give comfort”, come under the title of Comfort Quilts which are bigger than Cuddle Quilts.

Around 2010, several members started to gather to sew at St. Paul’s Congregational Church. The church graciously supplies us with a room and storage for all our donations. All our work is machine quilted with the occasional blessing of hand quilted quilts. We also are blessed by individuals or groups who contribute by sewing from home, and donating quilt tops and even more wonderful completely finished quilts. All quilts bear a label that reads “This quilt has been made for your comfort by the members of the Chatham Kent Quilters Guild” and includes the guild’s logo.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays and the fun and fellowship we have on these days of sewing is just the icing on the cake, to the feelings of gratitude about helping give comfort to so many. The last 3 years records have shown 567 Quilts have been shared: CHILDCAN 173, local 139, Chatham Kent Health Alliance 158. Other Recipients in the past have been Victim Services, Chatham Kent Integrated Children Services, Habitat for Humanity, Alberta Flood Relief and Haiti Nuns. Comfort quilts have been shared for local needs.

Comfort Quilt Reference Chart – for recommended quilt sizes.

  • small quilts for children (40″ by 50″)
  • medium quilts for teenagers and ladies (50″ by 60″)
  • large quilts for taller adults/men (60″ by 70″)

If you are looking for some ideas for easy Cuddle Quilts to make, here are two examples:

Comfort Quilts can be easily made using simple blocks and strips, here are some examples: